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The 5th Shanghai International Seafood Exhibition 2019 
时间:2019年6月4日至6日     地点:中国?上海光大会展中心
Date: June 4-6, 2019   Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center,China
网址/ Web:www.globalssia.com

指导单位丨Guidance unit
China National Food Industry Association
全球水产联盟丨Global Aquaculture Alliance
International Association of Gastronomic and Catering Industries
上海冷藏库协会丨Shanghai Association of Refriger-ated Warehouses
主办单位丨Hosted by
Food Logistics Commission of China National Food Industry Association
上海市食品学会丨Shanghai Society of Food Science
承办单位丨Organized by
上海展窑展览服务有限公司Shanghai Kilnexpo Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.
鹰菲展览(上海)有限公司Eagle Phenanthrene Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
支持单位丨Supported by
越南渔业水产协会丨Vietnam fisheries and Fisheries Association
韩国水产贸易协会丨Korea Fisheries Trade Association
日本全国水产批发协会丨National Aquatic Wholesale Association of Japan
中国食品工业协会冷冻冷藏食品专业委员会丨Refrigerated and Frozen Foods 
Committee of China National Food Industry Association
舟山市出口水产行业协会丨Zhoushan Seafood Exporting Association
江苏省渔业技术推广中心丨Jiangsu Fisheries Technology Promotion Center
上海东方国际水产中心丨Shanghai  Oriental  International  Fisheries  Market
合作媒体丨Associated Media
■展会概况| Exhibition Overview:

预测到了2025年,全球食用鱼的消耗量将增加21%达到178公吨,当中73%的增长来自亚洲,估计亚洲的海产消耗量将占全球总额的三分二。亚洲市场增长强劲且海产需求量大,拓展亚洲业务成为国际企业的首要目标。上海国际水产海鲜展(SSIA CHINA)是一个大型贸易展览会,了解中国水产市场的最新动态,旨在为全球各地的海产供货商及买家提供一个交流平台,协助他们于上海、中国内地及亚太区市场发展业务,开拓商机、共创双赢。将于2019年6月4日至6日在中国?上海光大会展中心举行,并与中国(上海)国际餐博会(CFBE CHINA)和生鲜冷链展(CCLE CHINA)同场举行。
It is predicted that by 2025, the consumption of global edible fish will increase by 21% to 178 metric tons, of which 73% will come from Asia, and the estimated consumption of Asia will account for three of the total world's total consumption of two. The growth of the Asian market is strong and the demand for seafood is large. Expanding Asia's business has become the primary goal of international enterprises. Shanghai International Seafood Exhibition (SSIA CHINA) is a large trade fair, to understand the latest developments in China aquaculture market, suppliers and buyers to seafood around the world to provide a platform for exchange, to assist them in Shanghai, China mainland and Asia Pacific market business development, develop business opportunities and create a win-win situation. It will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in from June 4 to 6, 2019 , and will be held at China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition(CFBE CHINA) and Fresh Cold Chain Exhibition (CCLE CHINA). 
In 2018, the exhibition attracted 20 countries and regions from Australia, South Korea, the United States, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador and other countries and regions, a total of 29,280 visitors to the meeting to Visit and negotiate.Shanghai is China's largest economic, cultural and financial center, and is also an internationally famous fashion food city. It plays an extremely important role in China's economic development. We are focused on providing a platform for international aquatic seafood and its channels to communicate with fans from all over the world. Create a Seafood Festival with aquatic seafood industry as an important service field.

■同期活动|Concurrent Events:

China Seafood and Cold chain logistics Innovation Service Summit Forum
A Bite of Seafood-Introduction and Tasting Meeting of Seafood
National Creative Hotel Food Cooking Contest and Hotel Special Ingredients Event
Shanghai Hotpot Cuisine Culture Festival 2019
Boutique Seafood Buyer Pairing Fair
Seafood Brand Dealer/ Enterprise Selection

■展品范围|Scope of exhibits:
Aquatic products: fresh aquatic products, frozen aquatic products, reprocessed products, added value products, brand products, and OEM products;
Aquaculture services and organizations: quality control, finance, industry organization, industry computer and information system;
Aquatic products: excipients, sauces, condiments, and bread crumbs;
Processing equipment for aquatic products: processing machines, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment
Aquaculture packaging: aquaculture, aquatic products processing, machinery, aquatic transportation, storage, packaging equipment, etc. 

■专业观众| Visiting audience:
1, aquatic seafood dealers, agents, importers, downstream distributors and specialized agencies all over the country;
2, a large chain of global aquaculture purchasers, processors, retailers, gift companies, distributors, terminal network group purchase shop etc.;
3, hotels and catering service providers, foreign restaurants and star rated hotels are one of the markets for aquatic seafood consumption. At present, there are more than 8,000 hotels in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Chinese and Western restaurants and chain restaurants;
4, group buying units: association, business group, state enterprise, international company, airline, bank and service provider,etc.;
5, various supermarkets, such as Carrefour, WAL-MART, Metro, 7-11, RT mart, Lianhua, Hualian, ngs, good moral, and the family can, Quik, Tesco, jiadelil, lotus, the airport duty-free shops, duty-free shops in the bonded area;

■参展费用?Booth Rate:    
A:国内企业:16800.00/展期(RMB) 3m×3m
B:国外企业: 4800.00/展期(USD) 3m×3m
★标准展位:3m×3m国内企业:RMB 12800.00/个;国外企业:$ 3800.00/个
B:国外企业: 380.00(USD)/平方米/展期
会刊广告:◇封面 25000元 ◇封二 18000元 ◇彩首 12000元 ◇封三 15000元,◇封底 20000元 ◇彩色内页 8000元 ◇彩色内页对开 15000元;
◇参观证 50000元/3万张 ◇手提袋广告 50000元/1万个 ◇门票广告 20000元/1万张 ◇条幅广告 12000元/幅 ◇拱门 18000/个 ◇5米*3米广告牌 20000/个;
★ 新产品新技术发布会:每场10,000元/45分钟,国外企业3000.00(USD)
★ 行业特别协办单位18万,仅限1家;协办单位128,000,仅限2家;招待晚宴协办单位108,000元,限1家(详情见附件1、2、3)。更多现场广告方案请咨询:021-80348170
International Exhibitor
? Standard Booths(3m*3m):USD 3,800/9㎡;Deluxe booth(3m*3m):USD 4,800/9㎡;
(Plus 10% for corner booth).
? Raw Space:USD 380/㎡(minimum 36 sq.m.).
? New product and new technology conference: USD 3000/45 minutes
Industry special co organizer $32,800, only 1; CO organizer $23,800, only 2; reception dinner co organizer $20,000, limited to 1 (details see attachment 1, 2, 3).
1.填写《参展申请表》邮寄或传真至组织单位。展位执行 “先申请,先付款,先安排”的原则;
1.fill in the application form for exhibition, mail or fax to the organization. The principle of "first application, first payment, first arrangement";
2.Within one week after the Booth Application,Exhibitors will cost [50% (deposit) or full payment] by telegraphic transfer or pay to the organization ,the balance paid before in May 3, 2019. After remitting the expenses, the exhibitor will send the bank remittance email to the exhibition organization. 

如欲订“SSIA CHINA 2019”展位和了解更多信息,请通过以下联络方式:
To reserve the booth of “SSIA CHINA 2019” or learn more information, please contact: 

联系人:华南区 杨  生13710491808(广州)
华北区 李经理13439880025(北京)
华东区 习经理17765110324(上海)
QQ: 274402319
E-mail: 17765110324@126.com

International Division:
Contacts: Jimmy
WeChat: 13482165724
Tel: 86-21-6042-8394  
E-mail: yueyaquan0324@163.com
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